Commercial Real Estate and Construction

Founder of D’Argent Companies

Based in Alexandria, Louisiana, Thomas Giallonardo is a skilled entrepreneur, a veteran of the construction industry, and the founder of Dargent Companies, which he has been running for more than 25 years since founding the business.

In his career, Thomas Giallonardo’s responsibilities include estimating, scheduling, and coordinating all construction ventures for the business. Throughout his career, he’s developed a specialization in pre-construction services, construction management, and historical restoration scopes. Thomas brings a hands-on approach to his work which – combined with his depth of experience – allows him to manage construction projects from conception to completion. 

With Thomas Giallonardo at the helm, Dargent Companies has been an industry leader and innovator in construction and commercial real estate, for several decades now, with more than 200 projects constructed in ten states. Saying that Dargent is family-owned and operated isn’t just the truth; it’s the core principle by which Thomas founded the company. 

At Dargent, Thomas Giallonardo and the team offer services that cover everything from start to finish, allowing them to provide comprehensive solutions for clients spanning the entire lifecycle of the project. By being hands-on through every step of the process, Dargent is able to meet high-quality standards while also providing both innovative solutions as well as unsurpassed, reliable service. 

Thomas Giallonardo began his career more than four decades ago, working on his own as a brick mason. Over the years, he grew his business to include residential real estate and eventually grew to include commercial real estate and construction. Thomas used the capital he earned – as well as the experience he’d acquired – to give other businesses some assistance in their growth and success. Over the course of his career, Thomas has become known for his skill and experience in construction, commercial real estate, venture capital, entrepreneurship, investment properties, real estate development, and due diligence. 

As a professional, Thomas’s philosophy in business has been “do good business, leverage relationships, and provide quality services to customers.” He has lived by these words his whole life, they have served him and his company well throughout the years, and they will continue to guide him into the future. 

As founder of Dargent Construction, Thomas’s expertise in matters involving financial analysis is the driving force behind light guiding all investments and redevelopment projects for the business.  

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